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Access Systems

Investment security thanks to user-friendly and reliable access systems

SKIDATA Access Systems offers you:

  • Perfect design and best usability guarantee stress-free parking operations
  • Comfortable payment options at the staffed cash desk, modern automated payment machines and at the exit
  • Optimal, reliable operation of the access components for targeted revenue management
  • A variety of ticket options for different customer groups

“High Performance“ access technology

At over 8,500 installations, operators are already benefiting from SKIDATA vehicle access management - from simple system solutions to complex, interconnected network installations with several hundred devices. Here, SKIDATA access components - Power.Gate, Lite.Gate, Barrier.Gate, Keytag.Gate, PlateTech.Logic - convince through their scalability, durability, speed and comfort. For all of its solutions, SKIDATA puts great emphasis on modern, usability-oriented design.

SKIDATA access technology

  • scalability, durability, speed, comfort
  • design meets usability

Payment made easy

Whether at the staffed cash desk Manual.Cash, the automated payment machines Power.Cash, Easy.Cash and Credit.Cash or directly at the exit - even when paying, with SKIDATA you offer the easiest operation and a wide range of payment methods. Whether payment via mobile phone, NFC, Apple Pay, credit card, bank card, cash or coupon - all of these are made possible.

SKIDATA payment

  • cashier occupied cash desk or automated payment machines
  • easiest operation and widest variety of possibilities

A wide range of ticket types

Diversity is also present in the ticket types. Whether for short- or long-term parkers – you have the choice between RFID cards and tickets, 1D/2D barcode, Print @ Home, magnetic stripe, NFC or mobile ticketing. Or simply forego all of these by using license plate recognition. You can even integrate customer, employee or city parking cards. All SKIDATA data carriers are characterized by the highest security with regard to encryption and data and also offer the best performance.

SKIDATA ticket types

  • highest security with regard to encryption and data
  • best performance
  • diverse printing possibilities

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SKIDATA Access Solutions:

Barrier.Gate ‘Smart’

Is used without a parking column and the perfect solution with Keytag.Gate.

Parking Barrier: Barrier.Gate

The intelligent car parking barrier with an illuminated stoplight effect.

Parking Column: Power.Gate

The universal multi-talent among parking columns.

Parking Column: Lite.Gate

Ticketing made easy with the ticket reader Lite.Gate.

Lite.Gate ‘DoorReader’

Door reader with many qualities.

Mobile Parking Column: Mobile.Gate

The mobile parking column and POS terminal.

Automated Payment Machine: Power.Cash ‘Accessible’

New business options with premium automated payment machines for all.

Automated Payment Machine: Power.Cash / Power.Cash ‘Touch’

New business options with premium automated payment machines.

Automated Payment Machine: Credit.Cash

Payment stations for credit and debit cards. The cashless alternative to automated payment machines.

Automated Payment Machine: Easy.Cash

Simply pay parking tickets at the pay on foot station. The Easy.Cash automated payment machine.


Access controls with RFID readers & alternative access code entry. Encoding of keycards possible.

Reader & Transponder: Keytag.Gate

Hands-free vehicle access control. Greatest convenience with RFID tag for easy parking access.

License Plate Recognition: PlateTech.Logic

With the license plate recognition solution directly into the parking facility.

POS System: Manual.Cash

POS system for individual advice at the cash desk.

RFID Tag: keytag

RFID tag in your car for quick vehicle access control. The modern UHF solution for all long-term parkers.

RFID Keycards

With the RFID chip cards always have tickets safe at hand.

sweb eTicket

Generates and sends all parking products as interactive e-tickets for wallets such as Passbook.

Barcode Ticket: TK(C) Unlimited

Classic disposable barcode paper ticket. This versatile short-term ticket leaves nothing out.